After living in our home for 8 years, we decided we needed a slight “facelift” in order to better enjoy our open floor plan, as opposed to selling. We loved our big windows and open access to the kitchen, but the colors of the walls and furniture made the entire room dark all day long. Not knowing what to do with an overwhelming layout that didn’t strictly define rooms, we called on Meghan at City Park Interiors to come and see our space.

Meghan gave us a new perspective and three options of furniture placement we had never considered. She has the unique ability to capture your needs for the base items missing in a room and then allows the homeowner to get creative with the finishing pieces. She encouraged us to play with fabric patterns and colors, while still allowing us to stay true to our contemporary style. Never pressuring us to make a decision and allowing us enough options to not overwhelm, we were able to find our perfect palate.

It’s truly been a pleasure working with Meghan. We gave her a budget and she was respectful of it. She has always been available to give feedback as I continue to find things that define our taste and complete a room. Meghan’s biggest concern is client satisfaction. She made certain the designs, furniture and finished project is a reflection of our family and we think that is priceless.
— Angela O'Brien
After being introduced by mutual friends, we collaborated with Meghan Conrad of City Park Interiors on the design and construction of our new home. I had worked with previous interior design professionals and, while pleased with our products and results, never felt a true partnership had been formed. Meghan has a very relatable design and personal aesthetic. She easily gleaned from our initial meetings and our basic house plans the feel we were hoping to achieve. I say “feel” because the result we were able to create together was more than a static, staged “look” for our home. With inspirational photos, magazine clippings, and testimony of what has worked for our family, Meghan kept our desired result in mind while guiding us in our selections during the building process.

In addition to educating and guiding through the months of cabinetry design, flooring selection, tile patterning, and the finishing touches of fixtures and lighting, Meghan was able to help keep us on time and on budget…no small feat in the construction of a custom home. She also demonstrated a willingness and eagerness to use pieces we already had and loved and to help us learn about and find eco-friendly materials for use in our home that would contribute to a healthier family and planet. Timelines and budgets were always respected…as was our right to change our minds or put things on hold as situations evolved.

From space planning to finishing touches, Meghan doesn’t just want the space to look beautiful for her own portfolio but to be beautiful and functional for your lifestyle.
— Courtney Mankowski
Meghan listens to her clients ideas and infuses them with appropriate measures of balance, style, proportion, and good taste. Working with Meghan is seamless and easy; she brings sources, style and good taste to every project!
— Sheila Smith
It has been a pleasure working with Meghan for the past 10 years. Meghan has done an outstanding job with our clients. Anything from a simple bathroom makeover or a $2 million dollar home. Meghan treats every project with the same enthusiasm in transforming the owner’s ideas into a finished project that exceeds everyone’s expectations. We consider Meghan an integral part of our team and would recommend her to anyone.
— Joe Aulino, President, Corinthian Fine Homes
We started working with Meghan about ten years ago, when we first moved to Columbus. Over this timeframe, Meghan has provided us with a great range of interior design services, which have included: space coordination and layout, project management, and selection of décor (furniture, rugs and flooring, window treatments, color schemes, cabinetry, accessories, and fabrics and tiles). The finished look of her design has surpassed our expectations, and we have received numerous comments on the beauty of our home.

A substantial investment was committed to the overall interior design of our home, and Meghan has been very thoughtful in all of her planning. She has demonstrated excellent judgment and taste when selecting furnishings and décor for each room in the house, and at the same time she has provided outstanding value within the budget. Meghan has also been invaluable in the expert placement of furniture in each room.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Meghan. She is enthusiastic, energetic and a highly professional interior decorator who does work of impeccable quality and taste. Meghan is a great listener, and she always communicates her perspectives very skillfully as she works with us to translate our ideas into a beautiful style and aesthetic.

We would highly recommend Meghan as a wonderful interior designer.
— Pam and Bob Bernstock